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My name is Christian. I just bought a 2001 volvo s 60 and got the keyless entry romote seperately on e-bay. I would like to know if someone could explain to me how to program the remote. I have the owner's manual but the instructions are not in there and I have not been able to find the instructions on line.

If someone could help me I would much appreciate it.

Thank you,


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The dealer has to program it.Hopefully the person that sold it to you gave you the code for it to be programed.If they didn't give you the code the remote is useless.There should be 2 codes I Dont remember exactly I beleive one is a 18 didget code and the other is a 9 digit code.The new remotes come with a white sticker with a bar code on it and some numbers that is what you need.
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