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Hello! I'm a long time 140/240 owner, but I now have the opportunity to purchase a '94 940 non-turbo wagon.

This car is sitting at my Volvo mechanic's shop, with a leaking head gasket. The owner wants to get rid of it (having purchased a new Volvo), and may let it go for $1000-$1500. My mechanic has done all the service on this car since 87k miles (it now has about 180k miles on it). Recent work done is new shocks/struts, new radiator, heater core, heater fan motor, and all water hoses. The reason for the leaking head gasket is because the heater core failed, and the car overheated.

My mechanic says that for about $1500 I could get the head resurfaced and a valve job, and it should be good to go for another 100k miles.

Other than that, there's some minor cosmetic things, but the paint is beautiful, and it's never been wrecked.

Any opinions?

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