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Platform of V50

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Is V50 based on a Ford platform?
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i have not find any clue about it. in my opinoin there is nothing invloved of ford in the Volvo cars.
QUOTE(Gillian @ Jul 20 2004, 07:20 AM)Is V50 based on a Ford platform?

I don't know. Ford owns Volvo, and the all new S40 is on the same platform as the Ford Focus/Mazda3, but I don't know about the V50 wagon. Is it the same wheelbase as the sedan? I can't imagine that extra money would be developed for a whole new platform just for this wagon.

I am not a Volvo owner yet, but I am eyeing the new S40 and the V50. I will do some more research and see what I can find out.
QUOTE(Gillian @ Jul 20 2004, 11:20 AM)Is V50 based on a Ford platform?

Yes, Volvo is part of the Ford Group. The V50 shares its platform with the new Ford Focus due out later this year / early 05. My V50 is currently on order but I've only read good things about the handling, with the exception of the AWD. Although possibly overpriced it should be worth paying the extra for the Volvo rather than the Ford given the likely safety features, quality build and residuals etc..
QUOTE(Gillian @ Jul 20 2004, 01:20 PM)Is V50 based on a Ford platform?

yes, based on the platform Ford C-Max.
I writing to you from France, I don't know if you have this Ford in US
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The Volvo V-50 is based upon what Ford refers to as the C-1 platform which is the platform of the new European Ford Focus.

I understand that this larger Focus will not be offered in the US
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