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pirelli p6 tires

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I keep reading horror stories abhout the p6's . Just picked up my t5 and wonder if readers are having p6 problems. Also curious about their capabilities in snow ???
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QUOTE(bmodave @ Sep 18 2004, 02:17 PM)I keep reading horror stories abhout the p6's . Just picked up my t5 and wonder if readers are having p6 problems. Also curious about their capabilities in snow ???

Quite good in the snow, but I have a large bulge in the sidewall of one of the tires. Pirrelli says it is because I banged a curb. No way!!! I would have left a scuff in the sidewall and a scratch on the rim.

Also, these tires are excellent in heavy rain.

I had 2 P6's "bulge out on me, one go flat for some unknown reason as well as one with a 10 PSI per week leak. All after checking pressures weekly and never bouncing a curb.

I've only got 58,000 km out of them.

I'e also heard of many folks with bulge and wear problems.

I'll never use these again.

Possible substitutes: Michelin Pilot Sport AS
Nokian WR's or Z's
or if you realy want to save
Falken ZE512 W's - Top Consumer Report performance rated tire

I like the michellins IMO they are awesome tires.
Im partial to Bridgestones, but they dont seem to make an ultra high performance in the stock 18" size. Ill probably stick with the Pirelli (came with PZero Nero BTW)
I use Michelin exclusively on my vehicles. I have LTX M&S on my Chevy Tahoe. They have 41K on them and they still have most of the tread left. On my daughters Camry and my S60 I have the Hydroedge. They do great on dry and wet pavement. They aren't speed rated but then I don't normally drive these vehicles more than 70 - 75mph tops. Just my 2 cents worth.
I have a 2001 S60 T5 with new tires now (went with BF Goodrich Comp TA), supposedly the same size as stock (Pirelli P6).

I have to say that (a) I was SORELY disappointed in the wear on the Pirellis and (
RIDICULOUS side-wall bulge problem! Original from Volvo was going to cost $225.00 a piece! I went with Discount Tire for $136 a piece.

Pirelli and Volvo both said that I had hit a curb or a pothole. They also said there was no warranty for road hazard.

The only problems I've really had with my volvo have been rims and tires. (cracked rim discovered yesterday) which explains the loss of 10 psi every two days. Imagine my surprise to be driving along and then feel like I've got a flat when just that morning, the tire looked fine.

Does anyone else have problems with the wheels rubbing the sidewall? Started out on the right front, but now both sides doing it on U-turns!
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i've got the same problem on my 2001 S60 T5... tyres rub on the sidewalls when doing u-turns, etc
I had a look and it's has sort of worn away a bit of the inside of the gaurd, sort of made a 3 cm polished silver look from where it was rubbing. I've got the 17" wheels with P600's on them
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I copped a bulge in the wall of one p6 when the car hit a pothole after about 2000km. Volvo maintained that the suspension is "matched" to the tyre, so a p6 went back on (at a cost of around $600). Does anyone who has put on the other tyres notice any problem/difference with the ride? If not, Michellins it is, next time.

I've got P zero's on the R - any horror stories about those?


Lose the Pirellis, they are horrible IMO. I switched over to Michelin Pilot AS, great tire, good feedback, awesome in rain, so far good wear. Corners like your on a rail.
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