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If I remember correctly lift up your arm rest and remove the little cover at the bottom of the cubby.If you look inside you should be able to see a screw in there.I think it is a T-40 if you tighten that it should adjust the E-brake.There isn't any adjustment in the rear of the car.

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QUOTE(Mak @ Feb 19 2005, 05:53 PM)Where do I start, at the rear wheels or inside the car? Help!!!

According to the book you start at the rear.

It goes something like this:

Remove rear wheels, disengage parking brake, turn adjuster screw until wheel locks, back off 5 notches. Do this both sides.

THEN do your thing with the weird supersize Torx.

I would try the easy bit first, and adjust the rear wheels the next time the car is up on a stand minus rear wheels for some other work.
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