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Hi all,

I have just replaced the B5244T3 engine in my 2001 V70XC. The short story is that the engine starts up and runs very well for about 5 seconds, then dies completely (no run on). It repeats this pattern reliably. I have pulled the code P0336 (involving crankshaft position sensor/wiring).

Any ideas before I start spending money? The regular 5 seconds thing and the neat shut down makes me think the ECU is 'deliberately' turning off ignition because it's hit a panic or is missing a feedback. I am using the CKP (and CMP) that came with the engine.

Cranking is a little hesitant and baulks occasionally but I think the timing is pretty exact based on how well it runs for those 5 or 6 seconds.

Some advice on how to properly reset the ECU on this model would be useful, too...

Many thanks in advance.
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