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The code indicates a low input to the sensor.

I recently replaced the camshaft seals and turbo oil return line. In the process I noticed that the rubber elbow on the right side of the manifold was in bad shape. While trying to remove it I broke the black plastic vacuum lines that run under the intake back to connections by the turbo intake.

There are 2 lines. 1 is about 1/8" OD and the other is about 7/16" OD. Not being able to find the hard line I replaced it with regular vacuum line. I think maybe this line is too weak under vacuum and it is being sucked closed. Does this sound like a reasonable possibility for the low input to the MAP sensor?


Ron Madurski

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That could be the reason.Is the hose very soft?Try to get a thicker vaccum line.
The map sensor is actually the mass flow sensor.It is located in the air filter box.It is what the big hose connects to with the plug on it.
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