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Hi there, I have a problem with the V40 ventilation/air conditioning where exhaust smoke from other vehicles enters the car I'm driving now, it's getting worst each day, I think if I don't do something aboutt it I may be dead while driving. Kindly help me ! Thanks. Other than that what is the mileage that requires the change of the timing belt and also what happens if I do not calibrate the computer system for each service ? Will it be damaging to the car ?

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Hi Azmi, are you live in Malaysia or Singapore? I'm from Malaysia have same problem of others vihicles smokeas in my car (year 2000 model V40 ) thinking of send the car to air cond servive may help as i had done ones for my other car (Hyundai coupe ) added a piece of sponge at air in-take to aircond compresed unit, and smell is gone ever the smoke from lorry.

good luck
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The V40's have a pollen filter in the system.I would reccomend keeping the recirc button pushed in and it cuts off the outside air from comming inside the car.That should stop the emissions from coming inside your car.
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