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Hi, I have a 1998 V70 AWD. I am working on fixing some of the oil leaks. All 4 of the cam seals were leaking to some degree and the turbo oil return line was pretty much gushing oil.

The one strange thing I have run into is that there are pools of oil in the cambox on top of the motor. Is this normal? Is it blowing the oil out the filler neck and collecting there? or is it the rubber hose on top of the cambox that is the problem (it looks ok, but I haven't disconnected it yet.)

At first I thought the head gasket was leaking oil but I think maybe the oil is just migrating along the block/head mating surface making it look like the head gasket is leaking.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


Ron Madurski

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The vent box is a black box that is located on the front of the motor at the bottom on the side of the A/C compressor.Yes if it is clogged and you put a new seal on it will blow out another seal.If you try the new seal first let it idle and install the oil cap leave it fun for a few minutes then loosen the cap and see if a lot of pressure is released when you loosen it.If so the vent box is clogged.If not the seal may just have been bad.
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