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Hi everybody,
This is my 1st posting since I joined about 3 weeks ago.
I have always been a Volvo fan.
I have owned 4 volvos consecutively since the 80s
I've had 2 145s, then a 265, all station wagons.
Currently, I have a 88 760GLE sedan
Latest problem:
Broken down air mass meter caused impossible to drive: changed a used replacement + labour total some $420.
Rough idling and constant occational stall:
Changed all spark plugs & wires, distributor rotor & cap. solved idling problem.
I send for a volvo specialist for constant stalling. Changed 2 relays to try, fuel pump relay & fuel injection relay cost $170. No effect, problem remains.
I suspected there is nothing wrong with fuel system, I bought an used ignition control from a junk yard & replaced existing one to try.
Bingo! problem solved.
I wonder how could the volvo specialist unable to diagnos this kind of simple problem? May be just want to create more business for themselves?
Car performing much better than I ever experienced, thank god !
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