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Hello My name is Brad and my wife's name is Monica,

We've recenlty purchased our second Volvo Wagon after trying a Ford Explorer out for a few years... glad we're back!

Our previous Volvo was a 1984 740 Turbo Diesel Wagon, it was reliable and fuel efficient and I had it "tweeked" for some extra speed. However it was getting "tired" and we thought we would try something a little different with the Explorer... it didn't take long before we missed the Volvo and started looking for a replacement.

We've had our '99 V70 for a few months now and LOVE it, the V70's "lines" are much more appealing and the interior is pure luxury... we're keeping this one FOREVER! The idea of buying a RED V70 wagon was a bit bold, but we are very happy with going with the red, it makes us feel like we are driving a sports car
, and we are just turning forty so that's important to us at the moment,lol.

I am very pleased with this forum and it looks like I'll become a regular participant, as my V70 does have a "few" miles on it. I thank you all in advance for your help with my questions. Since I've owned a 740 turbo diesel, I may be able to offer some advise as well. I look forward to participating in the Volvo Forums.
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