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helllo all, my name is brad, i am going to be getting a 1991 volvo 240 5spd with 170k miles for $800 from a buddy soon so i thought it would be cool to talk to a few other volvo people and see what the scene is all about.

for any of you who have seen any of the "mischief" DVD's series, i am getting the car from someone who works with those guys, i am friends with all those clowns (check out there forum at teckeast if your a fan) . never had a high end car like this before so i was just looking to find out some more info on them, what are there strong points and weaknesses, is there anything i shouldn't do, like i know with my old car (a '93 saturn) we could never do burnouts cuz the diff pins couldn't take it and would get all fucked up

so sorry for any stupid questions, and bring on the flames for the newb.

here are a couple pics of the car i will be getting in about 2 weeks


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Welcome to the forum.The 240's are tanks they are great cars.The only thing I would recommend is to make sure the timing belt was replaced at 150,000 miles.Other than that there isn't much that goes wrong with them.Im not sure of the bolt pattern #'s but it is the same as the thunderbird super coupe and the ford taurus.
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