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New VolvoS60R owner

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Hello there,
I' m in the UK - Leicestershire, and have just bought a new S60R.
First impressions are - absolutely great, it's the 6-speed manual box, and the advanced chassis mode is really something.
Traded in a Jaguar S-type 3.0 auto, and I hope I've done the right thing.
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Hey Moray!

Congrads on the R! You can't go wrong. 300bhp a true dream! What color did you get? In England are they fitted with the sport kit as standard? I've got the 2.5T and I think its just a magnificent piece of machinary! I could only imaging the R. Enjoy it! Kepp us posted about it!
Thanks Volvolus,
It's Silver metallic, and no, the sport kit is not standard here. I ran out of funds so no s-kit.
I had the daylight running lights turned off by the dealer, more to save the Xenon bulbs than anything.
I was a bit concerned at how hot things got under the bonnet at first, but the dealer assured me this was normal for the R.
Regards for now,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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