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Hello I am John form Norway.
I am a new member of this club.
I got my new Volvo S 40 2.0D in desember 2004.
I am sorry to tell about it but I have already crached it.

It was what we in Norway call undercooled rain. This means that it was raining and ice was growing on the road. It was impossible to se the wet ice and I went over the road and into another car. The speed was aproximately 70 km/h.
I thought that I have bought one of the safest car in the world. Now I know that Volvo is the safest car you can get. We all went out of the car with no injuries at all. The other car was totally smashed. The Volvo lost one of its wheels, moved the engine aproximately 3cm and the aibags released.
I have already ordered a new car and I just cant wait to get it. It was a really nice car.
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