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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone, I am a '98 S80 T6 owner for the past 6 months. This is the first Volvo I have owned and am so far very happy with the cars spec & performance, less happy with the fuel consumption and also a tad apprehensive after reading the many problems that owners have experienced with this vehicle. Nevermind, finegrs crossed. My fiance has a '96 S40 2.0. I look forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with other Volvo enthusiasts.


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Welcome nice to meet you.
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Hi there. If you read the site carefully, bear in mind the fact that the car manufacturer probably does also. It is frightening to read everybody else's experiences. However, you are probably reading the problems of a few people, not the whole world. Your experience and mine, blend perfectly. You in the UK, me in New Zealand. The petrol is always a problem for everybody. I use BP's Ultimate 98 and I am very happy with it. I get about 41 miles per gallon. But, I am driving a 5 cylinder 2.0T Auto. I wish I used less petrol, the petrol was cheaper and so on. But, the car leaves little to be desired, little to be improved on and this site makes owning the vehicle very reassuring.

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