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Hello everyine.
I bought 1992 vovlo gl a three weeks ago.
i started creating my own history on the ca by doing turnup.
flashed the radiator.
now the heater meter goes to red if i sit in traffic for 3 or more minutes.
can't tell if was a existing issue or new.
could this be thermo or something bigger?
also need to know how loud are these engines.i feel like i am driving a truck?
new muffler and cat are also installed.
suspecting the header gaskets tho i don't see anything coming out of it.
how high does the temp gauge go.mine also is right in the middle.
trany is shifting little hard and longer to change the gear.
changed the fluid,no solution.

sorry for the long note.
i love the car and want to make it trble free.
thanks for this great webside.

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Check the thermostat first.Then check your electric cooling fan.The temp guage usually stays just below half way.For the exhaust leak check between the manifold and the cat converter they are known to leak there.Start the car cold and feel for air leaks.Be careful because it gets hot fast.For the trans shifting check your kick down cable it might be miss adjusted or frozen.Check those things and let me know.
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