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First off I work for Volvo AB, which has nothing to do with the car devision, and I design suspensions for class 8 vehicles which are used in the North American market.
I have always been a car nut, but as a general rule I have always had Italian cars, and my current daily driver is an Alfa 164, which is almost at 350k miles on it. I also have several toys. I am also one of those rare people who have had disatorous results with Japanese cars, and will not purchase another.

The Volvo was purchased new for my wife, it was a replacement for the 164 which she used to drive.
There have been a few problems with it, the biggest was a blown head gasket very early in the life of the vehicle. The dealer has taken care of this satisfactorily and overall I am satisfied with the car.
The car now has turned 50k miles and is no longer under warranty.

One of the main reasons for joining is to find some technical details. For instance the car just went in for its 52.5k service, and the dealer asked if we wanted the ECM and TCM upgrades. These upgrades are about 160USD and since I am not having any engine or trans issues I was wondering if they have any real value.

That is about it.
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Soooo, YOU are the one who designed the suspension systems...

Hehe. Just kidding!

Welcome, KLHarper!
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