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Hi there,

New to this forum and interested in exchange of views with other volvo enthousiasts.
I live in Sudbury, northern Ontario with long snow filled winters and my Volvo XC (2001) is just about the best car for these conditions. Unfortunately we lost our Volvo dealer recently, the nearest one now being a 3 hour drive away - not very practical for servicing! I can get the mechanical work done, but the electronic computer stuff apparently can only be done by an official Volvo dealer.
As my lease will run out in a few months I will be looking for another car. For sentimental reasons I am considering going back to a 240 series! I used to drive one many years ago when living in UK. It was 5 years old when I bought it and I have been happier in that car than any other since (incl. Jeep cherokee, Toyota Sienna, Toyota 4-runner and yes , my present XC!)
I only need it for fairly short local trips and it seems excessive to get another expensive car.
We will continue to use my wife's Volvo XC for the longer trips ( we have 2 Volvo XC's)
So if anyone knows of a volvo 240 (saloon or estate) in reasonably good shape I would be interested!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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