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Hey all, new to the Volvo forums. Bought my S60 back in January, it was an off-lease. Love the car, but I don't love that fact that it's has been back to the dealer
3 times for warranty work. First time for a minor sunroof leak, second was for an injector that died on the highway, most recently the power folding mirror on the
driver side wasn't working right..

Needless to say the dealer took care of me all 3 times with no issues. It went in for the mirror after the mirror stopped halfway, and then wouldn't move as quickly
as the passenger side. They replaced the whole assembly. The motor clicking is now gone, but the mirror still moves slower, Will the control module put it in a "safe" mode
after it gets stuck to save the motor (my old A4 would do a similar thing with the automatic windows)…

If that's the case, can I reset the control module by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes? Is there anything specific I need to do for reconnecting the battery
on these cars?

The highlight of this visit was the 2019 S60 T6 R Design they gave me for the day as a loaner
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