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Not long ago I had posted a message in this forum about three defects of my new S40 2.4i in less than 90 days.

Unfortunately, now, my S40 2.4i of 5 month-old only with mileage 16,000km is having another two new problems. The first problem is that there is a disk deck error and the CD player cannot be used. Federal Auto KL (Malaysia) workshop have ordered a CD player from Sweden for replacement but it needs two to three weeks delivery time.

The other problem, detected two days ago, is that there is unusual loud noise whenever the car make a big left turn. I sent the car to Federal Auto Penang workshop this morning and the technician said it's due to bad absorbers and they need two weeks to get the parts for replacement.

I am really disappointed with the quality of new S40 2.4i assembled in Malaysia. Are the defects caused by poor car assembly skills, local components or ...? I wonder how the car can passed Volvo QC & QA.

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I understand your frustrations.

What more if they require more time to have the problem fixed. It somehow shows like they are unprepared. However, (and I don't work for FA, OK?
) I think since the model is new, you could expect these delays to happen.

The one issue about Malaysians is that we are generally a bit too polite for our own good. Should I suggest that you go to FA and fill in the complaint letter, with a strong message? Let them know how you feel, but be professional about it. Even if it is still under warranty, the trouble it leaves you is far desirable.

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Sorry to hear about the problems again.
That really stinks.But with any new year design there will be bugs.
It is not only Volvo that has those problems it is all of the Auto makers have the same problems.
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