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I got my XC 90in January and have few questions....

1. does anyone know if you can set the security system to "beep" when it becomes armed. I have the lights flash, but would also like to have a sound confirmation.

2. I do not understand the auto seat setting and the key fob. Everytime I get in to the car with my sets to the 2nd setting which is for my husband. I thought that if I locked the car with my fob it would return to my setting when I use that fob to unlock it.

3. is there a setting to have the seat go all of the way back once the key is removed to allow easier entry and exit? My Eddie Bauer explorer did that and I really miss that feature.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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1.You can have the alarm set so that the horn sounds when you arm the vehicle.They might charge you and they might not .You will have to ask them first.

2.How many remotes did you get when you bought your XC90?The seat memory function work with remotes 1 and 2 I believe.You are using the remote to lock the door when you get out and not the key?Next time you take it in for service mention it to them and they can check and see which remote # you are using.If it is the correct remote tell them it isn't working properly and they will look at it.

3.I am not aware of that function but you might want to ask just incase it is a new feature that just came out.
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