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I just came across this site, seems to ne nice here.
I bought a 760GLE just to get an engine for my 262C, but the car was so good, I decided to keep and restore it.
For this purpose I bought another 760GLE, but that one is so good as well, it has been fixed and registered, I use it daily. By the way, in Germany we can chose the reg-no and I was lucky to get "WL-PV 764".

WL cannot be chosen, it`s a must as it shows the area where the car is registered but "PV 764" is optional as long as nobody else has it in my area.
e.g. for my 262C I could not get WL-PV 262 as a friend has this numer already, so I took VC262 .
Actual situation: 262C still has the B28E and waits for B280F-engine,
the first 760 waits for repair.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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