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New to all of this but hello anyway.

Previously owned:-

- '86 740 GLT est. man. : 180k, rough around the edges, did the job without worrying about it!

- '89 740 SE sal auto : 80k, rough London car, owed me £107.00... used it... sold it for £150.00... No probs..!

- '90 740 GLT 16v est auto : 80k, great car, great performance (with revs!), not so good fuel, head gasket, crushed by council...! (Left it semi-retired after 18months of solid use and they thought it had been abandoned..!!! - Ongoing argument... NOT happy!)

- '94 850 Glt 2.0 20v est auto : 50k, Great car, good to drive, ideal for family, almost ideal for all my uses, but needed too much of a kick up the backside to move!

- '98 s80 2.9 se auto (current car) : 93k, looks good, great handling / roadholding, comfortable, good toys (LOVE the sat nav!), nightmare mechanicals! - Love this car BUT suspension seems to rattle at front... think it's top mounts, transmision problem... think it's torque converter (starts sliping under power and getting warm), and "emmision service required" sign up although no probs with mot.

Hope this proves to be a good forum, and if anyone has any suggestions / knowledge with regards the s80 it would be greatly appreciated.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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