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Hi everyone!

I just joined the forum and hope to enjoy and exchange as much information as can be afforded about Volvos in life.

To date I have had priviledge to own 2 volvos: a 1985 740 GLE with b200e motor AW71 train, and now a 1987 240 GL with b230K and a M47 train which I just got off a government auction and will be towing home over the weekend!

The 740 did well 1992 till 1999 when i sold it off for a 4X4 Land Rover and realised I miss a volvo.

The 240 looks good has only 103, 000km, but with a punctured cyl No 1 on the block! 2 holes both sides of block! And that is where my story begin!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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