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Hi everyone,

I'm new to volvos as I had to replace my mx3 which has been a target everytime I leave it on the street, screwdrivers, people sliding over the bonnet with riveted jeans and general messing. Well finally they got into the garage and wrecked it, as per usual the insurance wrote it off. Well I loved that little car but there was no point getting another or the same was going to happen so I decided to get myself a volvo. Out of all the cars on the road I have always found them stylish with their own identity without having to compete with the badges thing of other makes.
So anyway I had to replace the car. Thing is I dont actually do much mileage nor did I really want to spend lots of money needlessly as it was to replacement rather than a choice so I surfed the adverts on our local classifieds site and finally found a '97 S40 good price with "perfect" mentioned twice and fsh in the ad.
50 miles on the train later I met the guy, hmmm not as perfect as expected but had it checked out and was told it was an "honest" car so I did the deal possibly because I had travelled so far but also because I knew a little tlc would bring it back to being a smart motor and also cause it was red, normally I hate red cars but on a volvo i find it slightly tongue in cheek.
So I am only a day into ownership and its extremely comfortable and I cant wait to get at it at the weekend and give it the full valet treatment, i'll do it myself as I'm quite particular when it comes to cleaning.
So I no doubt will have many questions and I hope to gain a good deal of knowledge about my motor from this forum. Any advice would be most appreciated if anyone feels like giving it. Many Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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