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I am new to the board and just bought an 89 760 it cheap...but needs lots of Iwill probably be posting here allot...if this is the best place to get answers...

My 1st question is:

Both power seats do not work...nothing happens at all, seems kinda strange for them both to be there a relay or something that could be killing power to both seats? I have already checked the re-settable circuit breaker and it is fine...

Are there any online parts diagram anywhere?
What about wiring diagrams online......has anyone tried the Alldata site for diagrams....I hate to buy a subscription and it not have what I need.....

How hard are the motors to replace in these cars?....Mine has problems....I might just replace it since it has some many miles on it.


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1. Not for nothing but have you checked the STOP switches on the seats?You should check for power with a test light or a meter and make sure you are getting power to the switches.Some times if they aren't moved for a long time they will freeze into position.After working switches might start to work.If not and you have power to the switches then check for power to the motors if no power to the motors the switch is bad.

2. I really haven't found any wiring diagrams online that were any good with out paying for the subscription.You should go out and buy a haynes or chilton manual.They usually have wiring diagrams in them.

3. If you have a hoist and tools you can have it swapped in 1 day.It really isn't that bad to change the motor.
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