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Joined this Forum to find out Volvo related problems

My 1999 V70 has gone thru' 14 Pirelli P6000 tyres in 64,000 miles from new, I have now changed to Michelin Primacy tyres. It's funny that when you replace a couple of tyres every now and then you don't notice the total building up.

Volvo agent pointed out heavy inside wear on rear tyres, but did not investigate.

An independent geometry check revealed rear geometry way out of spec with a bent torsion bar. OK I must have hit something. An earlier check by the agent was done and their adjustments did not bring it into spec but used up all possible adjustment.

Another other tyre wear problems?

I still praise Volvo for reliability but have doudts about Service Agents.

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Welcome Stu.

Regarding your tyres, I have not known Pirellis to have design flaws as you mentioned. But having to change 14 tyres over a span of 64,000 miles is not a common thing. In fact, it is very uncommon - unless, of course, you are a harsh user of tyres or the environment is very unfriendly towards the rubber.

I would like to suggest that you send one to a tyre-specialist and get them to diagnose the problem.

For the benefit of us in the forum, could you pass your findings back to us?

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