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Hello one and all. This(Feb.19th) is the first anniversary of my being a Volvo owner.After a long and amateurish search I found a 1999 V70 just 55 miles (88km) from my home.She's a beaut.Non-turbo,because I don't live in a mountainous place and 2-wheel drive,cause I don't need it.She's an appealing silver color with a very light mocca and grey interior.The solidity of the car,its interior and its steady power train are sources of joy every time I turn the key.The single disc CD, AM-FM,cassette player are more than up to my entertainment needs;that is, when I'm driving.Even the A/C,heater controls are of the simpler type.The 5 spoke alloys,Antlias I believe,are also light and nimble in appearence.On top of that the engine is cleaner than previous years.Gone is the trouble prone air pump,and assosiated valving,distributor and service reminder reset tool requirement.The only blast from the past is the fact that the lock cylendar for the tail gate pushed in on me. So I must get a metal clip set to reattach the liner after fixing it-just like a 1958 Oldsmobile.Who says cars are more complicated nowadays? Signed Georgeandkira NE United States
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