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Hi all
I have owned 6 Volvos since 1982, and now have two--98 S70, T5 and a 92 960 SW. I just sold our 87 240 DL SW, on which we put almost 300,000 miles (can't exactly say as the speedometer was broken for about 7 years); I think the new owner will be a friend of ours. I think about cars, I think about Volvos. In an age when there are 100 of just about any major thing you can think of, there is only 1 car for me and my wife (100% Swede she is--I am mongrel). We have bought 4 Volvos from two brothers who run Strandberg's auto ( They rebuild several types of wrecked European cars, but mainly Volvos--and they are a huge source of Volvo parts. They sell a rebuilt car for about what you would pay from Joe regular, and they are "Salvage" on the title. But, they are phenomenal in the work they do. The cars I buy from them work forever. And such neat people.
So here I am a Volvo guy. Love em.
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