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need info

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looking information for the V50 feul consumption how many Miles it will give per liter. anyways how many years and miles company gave warranty for this car.
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Estimated feul consumption for the volvo V50 is 9.2 litre/100 km. and for a price u can visit ur local dealres.
Hi neetorep
Thanks for ur time....... do u have this same car...... i want to know about its maintenance and its wear and tear while driving.
QUOTE(joe99 @ Aug 23 2004, 12:09 PM)Hi neetorep
Thanks for ur time....... do u have this same car...... i want to know about its maintenance and its wear and tear while driving.

joe99, my V50 is due in a couple of weeks. There's not many about and they haven't been on the road long enough for any 'owner's' reviews it seems. The best info I found was the 'What Car?' web site, visit the 'Full Test Verdict'..
I picked up my V50 on Friday evening [Berents Blue, sport package, climate package]. Nice car, but have only driven it about 200 Kms over the weekend. I have been able to find a nice driving position [I am 6 foot 5, and we have the sunroof which does cut into the headroom a bit] but not too much space in behind me, although the only thing we have back there is a rather large dog. No problems to report [I would be surprised if there were any after only 200 Kms]. Fit and finish on the trim inside is well done without any obvious flaws.

WRT maintenence, our local dealer has advised an oil change at 3000k, 6000k and then at regular intervals of 12000k after that [if we go with the synthetic oil, which I will]. This is the only "break in" period that they mentioned. Still, I have shown restraint in keeping the rpm's below 6000 until at least that first oil change.

I am not sure what joe99 means by wear and tear while driving, but I have not noticed anything untoward yet while driving, but I have not yet tested the engine or tires to any sigificant degree.
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Nice to find a forum like this, I hope i can contribute somehow.

I´ve driven my V50 around 2000km to this date. So far the fuel consumtion is 10-11 litres/ 100km. I´ve had my car for 4 weeks now and i love it! 18 inch rims makes it pretty neat.

My first service is 30000km, not even an oil change have to be made before that. Pretty impressive i guess?

Have fun with your Volvo!
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I drove my new 2005 Volvo V50 for five weeks from Gothenborg thru western Germany, Switzerland, Eastern France, to Normandy and finally to Brussels to have the car shipped back to the USA. I drove thru the autobahn, major freeways, regular highways, dirt roads, up and down all kinds of hills and mountains for a total of 3,880 miles [6,208 km]. I got an actual average of from 11.0 to 12.8 km/liter.

I'm happy with the overall performance of the car.
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