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Need Help On My V40 (not Sure If Turbo Problem)

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hi, i just had my v40 2000 1.9t serviced for 105000 miles maintenance 3 days ago. during the service they found out that the radiator was cracked and a small fracture was found on the intercooler. both of them were replaced including my timing belt as advised by the service mechanic. But this afternoon as i was driving up hill i've noticed the car abruptly lost its power (like i felt a blow of air and air was dominant than the gas.) and check engine was on. right now if i start the engine idle is low and fluctuating and as i drive it there is whistling sound and gets louder as i step on the gas.

what do you thinks wrong with my car? do you think its the turbo that's making the whistling sound?need your feedback. i dont have any experience with turbo charged cars so dont really know if their broken. what's the symptoms of a broken turbo? pls. help me. thank you.
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Take a look at the hoses that go to the intercooler.Sounds like they might not have tightened one all the way and it blew off.

If it helps start the car then listen for a huge vaccum leak.
Yes, correct. I had that 2 weeks ago! First I lost all power and the engine wouldn't run idle at all. Went to the service station and the problem was fixed within 2 minutes.
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