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hey everyone,

i'm new to this forum... just wanted to start off by saying hi to everyone.....

my family has owned a 240DL since 1990. Everything has been perfectly fine with the car, no troubles, and it's been kept in the best condition imaginable. just three days ago, my mom got into an accident. (it's hard to imagine such a durable car colliding with a civic would cause so much damge) the estimated damage to the car was $6000 CDN (if repaired using USED parts) and the car's estimated worth is $6000. So we're just taking the cash and gonna get another car....

the car has been in the family for 15 years, and it's sad to see it go....
i love that car.... everything 'bout it... and i know my dad does too....

although we can't do anything 'bout the actual car itself now, i though it'd be nice to give me dad a diecast model of the car....

i've been going 'round on a couple forums asking 'round to see if anyone knows where i can buy one or if anyone has one that they are willing to sell.

any info is greatly appreciated
(i live in toronto, Canada.)

thanx a lot,
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