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yeah i was thinkin some new wheels but i wanted to go for a factory look. there were these special wheels for sale on ebay they were chrome 17s with the volvo caps but they wheel was made by american eagle. looked really nice. but neways here are some things im plannin on doing to the 244 before school starts up again

1984 Volvo 244 DL Restoration Parts and Future Plans


Add 2 10" Quantum Subs and MTX Audio Thunder342 Amp
Custom Built Box and wiring


Clean out throttle body and idling motor, or fix.
Replace Fuel Filter
Repaint Entire car with Volvo Scotia Blue No. 139
Add Factory Dark Blue Armrest
Replace Battery with Volvo Battery
Convert A/C to R134a A/C part
Get Rid Of All rust in engine parts or replace if needed
Complete detailing and polish of engine components and of entire car
Clean the interior roof
Add Factory Volvo Virgo 15" Wheels
New Michelin Sport Tires for 15" wheels
Add McGard Locking Lugnuts
Remove Oxidation from paint
Redo Car Pinstriping in Black
Paint Front Airdam in same color as car
Shampoo Carpet
New Factory Volvo Dark Blue Carpet Mats Front/Rear
New Factory Volvo Dark Blue Rubber Mats Front/Rear
New Dark Blue Dashboard
Add Factory Bosch Foglights to front air dam
New Glovebox lock
Add Rear Head Rests
Remove Reardeck speakers, add 6.5" Infinity Kappas
Add Adapter kit to front doors for grills, add 4" Infinity Kappas
Replace All Exterior Door handles
Fix inside lock system for Rear Driver Side Door
New Doorlight Switch
Tint Windows 40%
Tighten Rear Hoodlinder/Get Rid of Vibrations
Polish all chrome Exterior Trim Pieces
Fix Inerior Front Windshield Trim
Tighten all lose parts in the rear of car
Replace power antennae with euro rubber atennae
Replace Trunk carpet fasteners
Replace steering wheel with 14.5 inch diameter steering wheel
Replace gears in Odometer and Tripmeter
Tighten speedometer needle
Replace clock with Tachometer and add small clock in housing nex to the Cd Reciever
Replace gas guage sending unit in fuel tank.
Replace ignition starter
Check All Drivetrain Components and replace/fix/maintain if needed
Replace shocks and Struts with Bilstein Heavy Duty Series
Replace Springs with TME Sweden Sport Springs
Replace Sway Bars with IPD Anti-Sway Bars
Replace Braking/Rotor Components with Brembo Brakes/Rotors
Replace semi-metallic brake pads with softer pads
Replace Exhaust with IPD HI-Flow Sport Exhaust and Replace S-Tailpipe with L-Tailpipe
Add Stainless Steel Big Bore Exhaust tip
Add Upper and Lower Brace Kits
Replace Panhard Rod
Tighten Steering, Fix Steering Rack or Replace U-Joint?
Replace All Fuses/Clean
Add Watertight Fuse Holder System
Replace Battery Tray, add Anti-Corrosion Battery mat
Replace Engine Belts
Repair Rear Defrost
Replace Spark Plug wires with performance spark plug wires
Replace air filter with K and N performance Air Filter
Replace all engine gaskets
Replace/Add VX Camshaft and Adjustable Gears
Replace Tailight Assemblies
Replace Exterior Chrome Trims
Replace Front and Rear Bumper Covers
Add Factory Volvo Cabin Air Intake Vent Cover
Replace Skid plate with IPD Aluminum Skid Plate
Replace Spare Tire Well Cover in Trunk
Replace Bottom Seat Foam of Drivers Seat
Add Road Noise Dampener Under the hood

yeah i know its a lot but ehhh i love this car.

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Holy Cow!

Crunk, that's REALLY a LOT! I assume you're prepared to spend TIME and $$$ resources for this... Especially since I can see quite a substantial number of 'replacements' instead of fixings...

All the Best in your 'Project'!
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