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missing part of usb connection?

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New to the forum here. Recently purchased a used 2014 XC60 T6 and we were just looking over the 12V charging ports and the MP3 and USB connections. The fuses were missing/blown for all 3 the 12V cigarette lighter connections. The USB port seems to be missing something. The entire connection is recessed below the surface in the console and the connection itself is not the usb port. Wondering if the actual connection port came out and what I'm seeing is the terminal connection from the harness. It is fastened and is not loose but it is below the surface about 1/2 inch or so. Any of you technical people have any idea? Is this a part that can be purchased? It appears like something should plug into this that has the actual usb port in it. Don't have a picture of it at this time but I can add one if needed.
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Slightly off topic, but I recently bought a 2015 also and the 2 12v outlets were blown, replaced a fuse and that fixed the one on the rear of the transmission tunnel, but not the one between the cup holders. Which other fuses were blown on yours?

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