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Hi everyone.

I am still having CEL light and DTC P0101 Secondary U040168 pointing to a bad Mass air flow sensor. However, I replaced the MAF sensor, but the same CEL/DTC light is back. There is no obvious difficulty starting and cruising at highway speed, but the vehicle overall drives with low power comparable with my go to Gen 3 Prius :).
I have run out of ideas, so I have dropped the vehicle for diagnose at Volvo dealership in Gilbert Arizona. After a day of waiting Volvo sent me a text recommending to start replacing front and rear Oxygen sensors, estimate $1200. I am very concerned about the overall vague suggestion to replace 2 sensors and the fact they do not sound very reassuring this experiment will fix the problem stating "re-test following repair"
I am not sure what to do...I can can get both DENSO OEM sensors for $400 online or even buy cheaper BOSCH aftermarket which seems compatible with Genuine Volvo. Is any re-adaptation needed to calibrate after sensor replacement ?
2016 S60 46k miles 2.0 T5
Is any re-adaptation procedure needed to calibrate after sensor replacement ?
This my first Volvo and ongoing stressful experience to fix it.
Any other ideas on what would be the best way forward.
Thanks much!
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