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I have a 08 volvo C30 T5 that I replaced the wheels (18") but kept the same OEM size wheels and added Silvers NeoMax low package coilovers. I have negative gap(maybe an inch tucked under the fender) front and rear. I have camber plates in the front and adjustable camber arms in the back. I took it in to get it aligned and the guys said he couldn't aligned to OEM spec because it was too low and that I needed to get him an alignment spec sheet for it being on coil overs instead of the OEM suspension. I have searched volvo and ford focus RS threads on this and it's all over the place. I want this to be a touring set up with lot's of highway travel. Just regular driving alignment specs. Does anyone know what this guy is talking about or does someone have good specs to blurt out? Also, it is SUPER bouncy in back. The dampeners are set at whatever default was because I was more concerned with the front and being able to clear the finder when turning. Anyone know what I need to adjust to settle the bounce?
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