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Have new to me (2 months) xc90. Oil was changed at small car dealer when I bought it. 120k on it.

Been great but recently got a message...low oil. Sure enough it was a low. Has Red top dip stick which after
talking to a volvo person that indicates a newer/longer stick with software update.

Did some research and sounds like a somewhat common problem with low oil. I just installed a new PCV kit, old one was a mess and the pan had a lot of oil sitting in it. After installing it, Engine light came on and making the whirring sound and the crankcase cap is vacuuming the cap down...have to giver' a good pull to get it out.

Did I do something wrong...wasn't much to it, just screws and gasket. I actually just reinstalled it and tightened it down little more.

Any thoughts?
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