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Hi to all S60 enthuasists,

Just got my first ever volvo car 4mths ago and the power of T5 is awesome.

However I'm bit disappointed with the quality of leather of the backseats. They seems rough and not as smooth as those at the front. When I asked the dealer he can't explain to me what type of leather they are and why are they different in quality.

Is this normal?


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Could be dried out from the sun, could be that the front seats were cared for more because they were used more.

Get a good leater conditioner and a good leather cleaner. Be sure to read the directions carefully as some of the cleaners cannot be left on the seats for more than a few seconds anf some should be applied to the rag and not to the seat.

The best to bring seats back to soft and supple is saddle soap from what I hear, I have never used it though. I use meguiars with good results.

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For what this is worth to you, I use the English preparation:


Two preparations: Leather Cleaner and Leather Care Cream.

These two preparation cost NZ$70.00 for the two products.

My upholstery expert recommended my using these products in my S80.

According to my expert, AutoGlym is the Rolls Royce product to use.

AutoGlym has the Royal Warrant: One to HRH The Queen Mother and HRH Prince of Wales.

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