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I have a 1994-850 Turbo and the lamda light lights up after a fews days, when the car comes back from service. The mechanic says it is because of the anti-knock sensor and somtimes due to the oxygen sensor. Apparently it does not affect the performance of the car, and it appears it does not.

Would any one know how to reset the lamda light? if the antiknock is not that important would any know how to pemanently disable this function and so is the oxygen sensor.

thanks for any of your thoughts.

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Resetting the light can be done with the OBDII reader. Your mechanic can do it for you. It's a 15-second job, the last time they did in on mine.

Resetting the light is not an issue. Figuring WHY the light came about would be. (Also based on what happened to me)

In the end, the mechanic asked that I leave the car with them for 3 to 4 days for them to figure out the whole shebang.

Good luck.
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