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Knocking noise

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Hello all, first time on this facillity.
Here is my problem. There is a metalic knock coming from the front of the car (1987 740 GLE Auto.) I have had the wheel bearings and steering rack replaced. The noise went away. After approx 30 miles the noise returned. This only happens on full right lock when moving forward or reverse. No noise on braking.
Anyone got any ideas?
Regards Egolligos
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I would look at a couple of different things.Check your strut rod bushings.There is a rod that goes from the body to the lower control arm.Also ckeck in your front strut the struts are inserts and sometimes the retaining nut comes loose.Lift up the boot and you can see the nut.You can use a pair of channel locks pliers and try ti tighten the nut.Also check you sway bar bushings.
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