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1) Ensure alarm is deactivated. Close all doors, hood, and
trunk. Turn ignition on. Press function button on status panel until
status LED and indicator LED are lit. Release function button. Using
status panel function button, advance to unoccupied key code location
I, II or III. An occupied location is indicated by a flashing LED. An
unoccupied location is indicated by a steadily lit LED. If a code is
programmed into an occupied location, the old code is erased.
2) Select one of 3 locations. Send a code signal within 10
seconds using remote control. Alarm will acknowledge an approved code
with brief flashes of status and indicator LED's before reverting to
standard mode.

1) Ensure all doors, hood, and trunk are closed. Turn
ignition on and off at least 5 times in 10 seconds. Indicator LED
should start to flash. Leave ignition on. Once indicator LED starts
flashing, first remote control must be programmed within 15 seconds.
2) Press one button on one remote control. Programming is
acknowledged by indicator LED lighting for about 2 seconds. Indicator
LED will then start flashing for 10 seconds. Program other remote
control within 10 seconds while indicator LED is flashing. Turn
ignition off. Test remote controls.
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