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Just a note on checking in:
Went looking for Swedishbricks that had been so helpful in past but no joy. Has that website terminated? Is this one its accepted successor? Also use Volvospeed for the S70 - with great results.
My 89 740 wagon is approaching 500,000Km and still going strong. Have to replace the lower radiator hose - must be easy as there are no posts that I could find for that exercise. Trust it's straightforward but the replacement hose isn't stocked at the local dealer, Canadian Tire, or Auto Import parts. Is there a suitable substitute? For less than the $40 +or- price tag?
Also run a 98 S70 that is working great.
Have faithfully driven Volvos for 40 years and will continue for next 40.
Regards to all likeminded V enthusiasts.
(OK How do I SEND this?)

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Welcome to the forum.Do you have any import auto parts stores near you?Im glad to hear you have driven VOLVO'S for so long.They really are good cars.
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