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Introduction : Volvo S80 2.5D

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Hello Volvo-fanatics,

I'm new on this forum, usually I post on the Dutch Volvo-Forum ( or under the nickname Pat. This nickname was no longer available. I work and live in the Netherlands.

I've traided my Volvo C70 T5 (build in 10-1998) in for a S80 2.5D (build in 11-2000), the reason is that I have to drive a lot to reach my work and petrol is becoming very expensive these days. The C70T5 is a marvellous car, very beautiful and sportive. It had 250 bhp. The (loaded) S80 is less sportive, but a much more comfortable car.

My hobbys are; mountainbiking, travelling, oldtimers (Harley, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo of course). At this moment I don't have a project going, maybe next year. Well I hope to be able to visit this forum very often.

See you




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Welcome to the forum nice to meet you.
Hi there. I just tried the Netherlands site which you mentioned in your post. However, as my Flemish/Dutch is bad-non-existant-extinct-is that site available in English? My English is passable at best!! Very nicely presented set of wheels-your S80 looks very nice. Well done. I know how much work goes into making the car look as good as that. Cheers
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