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I have an intermittent fault with my 3.2 petrol non-turbo 2009 XC70

Every now and again it will crank for a long time before it will start. I don't think it makes a difference whether the car is hot or cold.

I have replaced sparkplugs, coils, fuel injectors, fuel pressure sensor and cleaned a load of sensor connectors.

I'm wondering what to look at next.. and wondering whether it's worth buying something like the below:

Would the car record any instances of long cranking and offer some hints as to what may be wrong?

The car sometimes hesitates at lower revs under power (going up a steephill) as well so I'm wondering if I have a fuel or ignition issue.. or CEM? What delivers power to the coils - the CEM - or is there another ignition amplifier/controller that sits between?
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