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hi this is tom it sounds like u have a bad ing. swicth and the best way and easyest way to teplace it is to remove your gage cluster, u know the spedo, if u have a manul trans u will need to un scew the cabel from the spedo.make shure u right down all of the wires in the back so u can out them back later in order if u have a tach make shure the red and whit wire goes back on it if u put on enything eles it will fry the board. that wire comes off of your coil and has more voltage than 12 volts.ok now u will see the ing swicth un plug the wire harness and the swicth it self is held on my 2 small scews. not a hard progect to do i rate in a scale of 1 to 10 about a 4 good luck with it if have more questions fell free to ask TOM P.
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