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hey everybody
i don't knoe how i find you i just did it, hehe

ok let me introduce myself a bit... i'm coming from Slovenia and i can not live without my volvos hehe. i have 2 now and both are running perfectly. one of them becom a oldtimer this year (1980 244GL) and the other one i use for every day (1986 240POLAR). i can not tell you how i'm satisfied with this cars wich i drive since i'm 20 years old when i buy me the first one (for birthday) and i can't forget when i came home with the car my mother says: WHERE DID YOU GET THIS OLD RUSSIAN DEVIL!, haha but now she is in love with this cars and she can not wait to drive with one or the other just for a ride, hehe (volvo charm works).
just have to tell you one more thing wich is intresting... i call my volvos VULVA (hehe) and in my family and friends this is now i sinonim name for this cars

my wishes... last series 1993 and then i have a car till i die hehe

volvodriver 4ever
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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