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Hi, new to forums...

I purchased a 2004 V70 R AWD wagon from a kid (age 25) who flew over to Sweden, drove it around the country, had it shipped back here to the States, decided that he wanted more HP, ended up buying an M5 (nice one) and needed to offload the R to help pay for the M5. Lucky me, I happened to be in the right place at the right time. The local Volvo dealership contacted me because they knew I was really interested in getting one but not willing to pay the MSRP. I was a basic dealership rat - always coming over, always getting test drives from the S60 R and the V70 R. Talk about giving up on a customer - so, they told me to contact this kid...I did and 2 days after meeting him, I was handing over cash for the car. It was hard for me to justify buying this car because at the time, I owned a 2000 V70 R AWD wagon!! My wife wasn't too happy with my first. Then, she drove the '04 and decided I did the right thing. Needless to say, I had to sell the 2000 so some lucky bloke ended up with a (virtually) brand new car in the 2000 - I only had 45,000 on it with NO major problems other than rear light failures (common). I'm pretty meticulous when it comes to my cars. At any rate, I ended paying considerably less than MSRP and even less than when I bought the 2000. I couldn't pass up that deal - so, I bought it with 3,000 miles and have been smiling ever since. I don't have any pictures of my car on my PC here but included the EXACT car from Hope all can see the .jpg.

OK, so why am I here...well, in reviewing some of the various Volvo parts sites, I get a bit overwhelmed with how much info they have. I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions as to the BEST Volvo parts site there is. I'm looking to add a little flare (interior / exterior) to make my car stand out a 'little' more - not that it already does. Your help is my gain (grin).

Thanks and I look forward in future exchanges with fellow Volvo owners...



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