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Hi Guys

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Hi Guys,

I have always been a Volvo fan, never owned one, but am considering purchasing a c70 Coupe.

I would really appreciate feedback on pros and cons of the vehicle.


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I own a C70 convertible and love it. One caution, getting used to the rattles and noise of driving a convertible is an adjustment. Make sure you're ok with that before you make the comittment. Also, don't buy one with the 17 inch rims, stay with the 16 inch for a smoother ride. These cars are meant to ride smooth and you really feel the bumps in the rode with the lower profile tires.

Also, repairs on Volvo's aren't cheap. I had an ABS computer module go out on my car and it was over $800 for this unit. Everything is pretty expensive on the car.

But it's a great car to drive. It handles well. The brakes aren't like any other car I've driven. The other thing is you may have heard people joke abour making U-turns in a Volvo. The C70 is front wheel drive and the turning radius simply sucks. You'll know what I mean when you dirve one. Go test one out at your local Volvo dealer.

I love my Volvo, I want to get another one (not convertible) and put this one up for the winter. Good luck.
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Ive just bought one, mines the 2.4 low pressure turbo, 18's on it in gold, really pleased with it, ive come from an escort cosworth and the luxury level, ride wuality, performance and looks are real good, I can recommend definitley.

only thing that sucks a little is handling, not quite escort cosworth or evolution level but really sweet.
I purchased a 99 C70 HT Coupe in June. I absolutely love the car. There have been some minor problems with it like... Driver's side window switch panel stopped working, but other than that I couldn't ask for more. Anyone who suggest opting for the LT convetible is out of their mind. Though it is a C70, its more or less a S70 with a rag top. There is so much more power with the coupe and crisp handling. I do recommend ensuring it has the Dolby Surround System. I'm not one much for radios, but it is amazing.
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