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My volvo 240 gl is now towed home and has a B230K carburator motor with a punctured cyl 1.

However from the VIN YV1244833H1219667 it should have a B21F-8 !?? engine.

I have so far noted the following:

1/. only one ECU type Bendix S101 045 001A, and connecting socket 25pin + wiring. in the left foot well(CO-drivers side. the car is R.H.Drive Kenyan)

2/. Sensor on flywheel top, connects to firewall socket

3/. Fuel pump on the right hand side engine fender above strutt, has no connecting wires but has cut pipes

4/. Has a complex TV like HT transformer and severan wired devices on the Left Hand side engine fender unused. looks like an old ignition system? There is a parallel normal ignition coil connected.


1/. Which injection system uses the Bendix ECU above based on all the information above?

2/. What engine types were run using this injection system?

3/. I wish to run a B200E or a B204E engine. Small and economical. any advice?

4/. What changes in wiring are necessary if any to run the B200/ 204E with this ECU and system considering that ECU's are scarce and very costly here?

I wish to acquire a substitute engine by end of this week.
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