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I suppose its good form to post a hello on a site like this.

I'm a previous owner and drive a new Volvo as well. I owned a 1976, 164e for about 12 years. I loved it! I must admit though, I wished it had a better pickup at times. Now, I (sort of) have a 2004 S60. Its actually my girlfriend's butr I get to drive it enough. I love its pickup! The driver's seat could be alittle more comfortable but I enjoy it on long trips just the same.

Volvo makes a good car. I believe the company is relatively consumer oriented and I appreciate its design elements.

I don't log onto the net very often so I apoligize in advance if I you send a message and I don't respond. On the other hand, this looks like a good forum so I hope I can contribute.

Glad to be on board.
~ Buzz in AZ
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